• Providing greater market intelligence for more accurate and in-depth analyses in rapidly evolving healthcare markets.
  • Highlighting the dynamics of new clinical aspects and complex interactions between patients and physicians in the cardio-renal landscape.
  • Uncovering new analytical perspectives for asset evaluations and insight-based forecasting.
  • Customizing datasets designed to help with quantification, valuation, and tracking of market dynamics.

Extract of Updated Aspects Covered in the Next Data Set

Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler® – Patients

  1. How significant is the economic burden on hyperphosphatemia patients?
  2. Why do patients find their current hyperphosphatemia agents ineffective?
  3. Why are some patients non-adherent to their hyperphosphatemia regimen?

Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler® – HCPs

  1. What are the key differences between healthcare providers and patients in terms of the economic and disease burdens of hyperphosphatemia?
  2. What are the priorities for healthcare providers when it comes to prescribing multiple hyperphosphatemia agents?
  3. What are the current practices today and how will they evolve?

Some Highlights of the Report

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Gain Deeper Insight into the Market Dynamics of the Cardio-Renal Landscape

It’s time to take a fresh look at the hyperphosphatemia market. Existing data have provided some insight but many questions remain.

It is important to appreciate the complex interactions and how they affect physician and patient dynamics. A different perspective is required to shed light on the pitfalls and opportunities in this market and to assess the potential success of novel phosphorus-lowering agents in late-stage development.

Discover New Important Market Insights

The Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler® contains the first dataset that simultaneously navigates the interactions driven by current phosphate binder users (hemodialysis patients) and their healthcare practitioners. By contextualizing the appropriate information obtained from respondents on both sides of the clinical paradigm, it will provide an in-depth look and high-quality insights unmatched by current market research reports.

The Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler® takes a closer look at specific clinical treatment patterns that may have been regarded as irrelevant previously. It reveals the drivers of unmet needs and presents a fresh view on true patient segments at a quantitative level. By highlighting new aspects and correlations across aspects such as quality of life, prescribing patterns, and health insurance affiliation, it provides new analytical perspectives, asset evaluations, and forecasting.

What you get

The Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler® provides greater market intelligence for a more accurate and in-depth analysis of the rapidly evolving and challenging market environment of hyperphosphatemia.

The report is detailed and on-point in a concise slide presentation in PDF format.

The first edition is available.

Continued evaluation sample waves to monitor and track the hyperphosphatemia market dynamics will follow on a biannual basis.

PROfiler® Facts

Driver 1

Dynamics of monotherapy or combination use of current phosphate binders related impact (i.e., extent and effects of triple combination use).

Driver 3

Consequences of specific gastrointestinal side effects (i.e., adherence, co-medication requirements, long-term complications).

Newly Identified DRIVERS of Potential Demand

Increased precision for valuation and forecasting purposes
Identifying and quantification of patient segments

Driver 2

Impact of gastrointestinal-related issues on patients' quality of life and how it determines specific patient segments (i.e., onset of constipation after initiation of current posphate binders).

Driver 4

Patient segmentation by health insurance status and related co-payments.

Enriched sample composition

Specifically composed sample of 200 hemo-dialysis patients with hyperphosphatemia and 150 healthcare professionals managing them

Covers the United States (US) provider spectrum
European Union (EU) report in progress
Japan report available in Spring 2017

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