• Providing greater market intelligence for more accurate and in-depth analyses in rapidly evolving healthcare markets.
  • Highlighting the dynamics of new clinical aspects and complex interactions between patients and physicians in the cardio-renal landscape.
  • Uncovering new analytical perspectives for asset evaluations and insight-based forecasting.
  • Customizing datasets designed to help with quantification, valuation, and tracking of market dynamics.

Extract of Updated Aspects Covered in the Next Data Set

  1. What is the dynamic relationship between hyperkalemia and cardiorenal disease?
  2. Why are there different treatment strategies for hyperkalemia between cardiologists and nephrologists?
  3. What is the demand for a better and more effective hyperkalemia-lowering agent?

Some Highlights of the Report

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Gain Deeper Insight into the Market Dynamics of the Cardio-Renal Landscape

The treatment of hyperkalemia is a potential billion-dollar opportunity in the marketplace. New potassium-lowering agents may dramatically impact the current standard of care for hyperkalemia in the cardio-renal space. We take a fresh look at the real dynamics of the hyperkalemia market, connecting the dots to discover the key drivers behind the current practice patterns and potential changes for future management of this condition among nephrologists and cardiologists. Additionally, we engage with hyperkalemic patients to get a better understanding of the impact of current potassium-lowering agents on their daily lives.

Discover New Important Market Insights

The Hyperkalemia PROfiler® contains the first dataset that describes the clinical practice of managing hyperkalemia in a more insightful way and allows for the determination of current and future market dynamics and value.

The Hyperkalemia PROfiler® evaluates the true day-to-day clinical practice so that complex hyperkalemia treatment patterns become crystal clear with regard to:

  1. Hyperkalemia types and patterns of occurrence
  2. Use of different treatment options
  3. Patient segments

The Hyperkalemia PROfiler® reveals the related treatment patterns at a quantitative level, pointing to new analytical perspectives, asset evaluation, and forecasting.

What you get

The Hyperkalemia PROfiler® provides greater market intelligence for a more accurate and in-depth analysis of the rapidly evolving and challenging market environment of hyperkalemia.

The first edition is available.

Continued evaluation sample waves to monitor and track the hyperkalemia market dynamics will follow on a biannual basis.

PROfiler® Facts

Hyperkalemia Management

Tools and strategies

Usage drivers and perceived adequacy (0-wave) and how they determine specific patient segments.

Hyperkalemia Types

Patterns of chronic hyperkalemia and related specific management.

Newly Identified DRIVERS of Potential Demand

Patient Segmentation

Impact of Health insurance status and related co-payments.

Increased precision for valuation and forecasting purposes
Identifying and quantification of patient segments

Specifically composed sample of 250 CKD patients with hyperkalemia plus 240 healthcare professionals from nephrology and cardiology who manage them

Covers the United States (US) provider spectrum
European Union (EU) report in progress
Japan report in Spring 2017

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