• Providing greater market intelligence for more accurate and in-depth analyses in rapidly evolving healthcare markets.
  • Highlighting the dynamics of new clinical aspects and complex interactions between patients and physicians in the cardio-renal landscape.
  • Uncovering new analytical perspectives for asset evaluations and insight-based forecasting.
  • Customizing datasets designed to help with quantification, valuation, and tracking of market dynamics.


Understanding the healthcare market dynamics is key to obtain more accurate and better market quantifications, valuations, and forecasts. Understanding market dynamics requires owning deeper insights.

  • Knowing market dynamics of key specialty areas to ask the right questions
  • Novel hybrid data collection tools (robust, yet qualitative uncovering of drivers of clinical practice and unmet needs)
  • Longitudinal tracking of related dynamics in clinical practice

Our PROfiler® reports provide increased precision for valuation and forecasting purposes.

They contain robust, real-world data AND expert-based insights and practical guidance on how to use these insights.

PROfiler® Facts


Our PROfiler® reports highlight those insights that drive more accurate and better forecasts.


  Understand drivers of unmet needs from at least 2 perspectives
  Uncover and weight patient segments that drive demand (i.e., today — tomorrow/common — niche)
  Uncover level of connection between key stakeholders
  Heat-Map provision

  Online survey with at least 150 HCPs & 200 patients per tracking wave in the US
  Ability to add customized, proprietary questions to answer unique-inquiries


Biannual tracking waves

  Wave 1: October/Deadline for proprietary questions September 12th
  Wave 2: April/Deadline for proprietary questions March 31st

One-Off and subscriptions options available.


PowerPoint report biannually (full report ~65 slides/extract arranged by chapter ~12-15 slides each chapter) WITH:

Slides and Chapter Summaries tailored (understand & learn & apply - guidance)

  to deepen understanding of insights
  to guide strategic action
  to refine market forecasts

Additional deliverables upon request: Exclusive data analysis, i.e., sub-target group analysis, specific cross-tabulation by provider or patient type.