Hyperphosphatemia and Hyperkalemia PROfilers Go to Japan (Part I)

Preparing for International Opportunities…

When it comes to the hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia markets, we have the key ingredients to break up complex therapeutic processes into observable segments and generate meaningful insights. The studies we create and the data we obtain and analyze provide our clients with more accurate details and a better understanding of hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia. This in turn allows for more refined and successful market forecasting.

We carry out our research in novel ways to provide broader analytical viewpoints and a different perspective on the pitfalls and opportunities awaiting cardiorenal drug agents:

  • We conduct primary research rather than secondary research.
    • Rather than analyze secondary market data about competitive products in order to generate forecasts or detect opportunities, we generate NEW data and insights that can drive the hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia markets effectively for our clients.
  • We are taking fresh looks at the complex interactions between patients and physicians and how those interactions affect patient/physician dynamics in order to make better forecasts for clients.
  • We are highlighting new correlations across study aspects such as quality of life, prescribing patterns and health insurance affiliation in order to provide more accurate analytical viewpoints.

New Markets, New Opportunities

After pervasively capturing the U.S. market with our PROfiler system, PPP made entry into the Japanese market earlier this year and identified enormous potential for our methodologies to give drug manufacturers a competitive edge there.

The intriguing cardiorenal landscape in Japan looks like this:

Clearly, the cardiorenal market in Japan represents a very lucrative, yet challenging, opportunity for pharma companies based on the need for drugs to address complications associated with treating hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia patients. While a plethora of treatments have been introduced across the world, truly effective drug therapies still remain elusive.

To take advantage of the cardiorenal medical needs in Japan, drug manufacturers will require extensive insight into the complexities of Japanese market conditions, but gaining that insight is tricky. The homogeneity of the population, the changing dynamics of an aging patient base and the complex relationships between hospitals, physicians and prescribers, and governmental reimbursement agencies are all significant obstacles to successful pharma product launches in Japan.

PROfiler Approach

The PROfiler system will provide our pharmaceutical clients contemplating product launches in Japan with the data needed to gain a deep understanding of market conditions there. Our considerable knowledge and expertise of the cardiorenal space allows us to select participants offering relevant and accurate responses to questions critical to the unique market dynamics in Japan. And PROfiler utilizes a bi-directional approach, comparing not just research data from ESRD patients and their healthcare providers, but also analyzing the data against real-world evidence to provide high-level market potential estimates.

An initial project is currently underway exploring the baseline characteristics of the Japanese market and determining the key strategic insights that will allow us to provide our clients with the information they need to be successful.

In the next installments of our international market informational series, we’ll provide details about the project and opportunities for clients to participate in a syndicated survey at considerable cost savings as compared to a standard market research project.

Contact us if you want to know more about our hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia PROfilers.