Insights to Value Part II: from Insight Detection to Comprehension

Insight in essence is both knowledge and understanding derived from an “inward sight“, but the insight itself is not the real value. Understanding the real potential of an insight can only be achieved by contextualizing its essence.

Insights can be detected, found, uncovered, but they are pure pieces of information and need to be brought to life to show their real value. In this sense, detecting the relevant insights in terms of the business objective and bringing them to the surface is only the first step.

Contextualization offers a perspective based on the conditions and meanings surrounding something. Similar to a person, insights are influenced by their environment, they have a history and they are interrelated when they are extracted from the same field of action.

Because of these complex structures, at Healthanschauung we think that insights need to be worked on to bring them to a higher level. The insights are not the result of the analysis – they are the basis for further research steps and they are the starting point for actionable results.

Insights Are Interacting with the Environment

Insights are not isolated aspects, they are formed by and exist due to surrounding factors. Understanding the external surrounding influences is required to fully understand an insight. It needs to be embedded into their near environment. Understanding the surroundings and unrevealed factors influencing an insight will help to deeper assess its meaning and its impact.

Insights Need to Be Understood as Momentary

Although valid for a certain time, insights are always a snapshot within a concrete time-frame, and are never static. Due to the interaction with the environment, they are continuously changing.
An insight either progresses or new insights take its place. Understanding their history can help to foresee their future. The correct linking and observation of the insights’ evolution allow a statement about their future development. By considering the dynamic character of an insight, better forecasts and strategic decisions can be taken.

Relevant Insights Are Interrelated

Furthermore, the interrelation of the detected insights themselves needs to be considered. Only by revealing the connection between the insights belonging to the same topic, can a complex image of the relevant aspects be established. The fact that the detected insights generally all come from the same field of action (a certain indication, type of product, type of user, …) leads to the assumption that those insights that are related with each other are the most relevant for the marketing strategy. Somehow, they reinforce one another.

Only a complete understanding of the detected insights allows us to assess their potential and to use them to find the perfect marketing strategy and to build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Hyperkalemia- and Hyperphosphatemia PROfilers comprise such different analytical views. The PROfiler approach therefore goes beyond other segmentation tools who often see the pure insights already as a result of the research.

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