PROfilers Track Market Dynamics in The Cardiorenal Arena

Tracking studies are important to understand where your product and business measure up to the rest of the market. Through careful observation and consistent measurement, one can follow a product’s entire lifecycle – from inception to launch and beyond.

Tracking studies do more than allow us to monitor the A&U about a product. Notable value comes from understanding the market environment into which a product will be placed and from identifying current trends and drivers in that market that allow product owners to best manage and position their products and / or to monitor and predict future changes or shifts in market thinking.

Trackers offer a comforting level of confidence as they unfold over time, granting a more holistic view of market flow and activity around the products. Larger sample sizes, combined with a consistent group of respondents result in more statistically relevant, and therefore more accurate, data findings.

Advantages of Tracking Studies

Many aspects of tracking studies are invaluable to the healthcare sector and its market experts

  • Ability to leverage modern technology and techniques to precisely capture targeted real-life experiences with higher quality precision
  • Easy to obtain large sample sizes that are both cost- and time-efficient
  • Allow for syndicated research projects

Implementing a tracking study within the healthcare sector can be complex, especially considering the multi-faceted structures of healthcare provision and target groups involved (i.e., HCPs and patients). These factors must be considered in relation to market landscapes as they can vary by therapeutic area.

Tracking studies are not only relevant, they are a necessary component of progress. As market innovation and technology move forward, so too do the design and techniques of capturing data and impact analysis.

Healthcare tracking studies require a high level of expertise, intelligence, industry experience, and a proven grip on study execution on all levels, such as:

  • Study design and contents
  • Recruitment, composition, and consistency in study groups
  • Fieldwork and study execution
  • Top level data analytics
  • Competitive drive for innovation

Healthanschauung PROfilers

PPP/PS Research studies patients and their HCPs in a diverse range of complex health situations.

Our Hyperphosphatemia and Hyperkalemia PROfilers are designed to uncover the drivers of these complex markets. Concrete TPP testing within true market dynamics can be part of the PROfilers, as well as conjoint based price sensitivity and preference share evaluations.

The PROfilers run biannually allowing us to update and track results.
For hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia, our PROfilers run in the US and in Japan, with the EU and China to follow.

PROfilers can be fully customized, fully syndicated research projects or in a mixed form of syndicated approach with additional customized questions submitted by the client.

A more complicated testing landscape can be made clearer with the consistent monitoring performed by tracking studies.

Contact us if you want to know more about our hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia PROfilers.