Hyperphosphatemia – and Hyperkalemia – PROfilers Go to Japan

Drug manufacturers of therapies for cardiorenal associated diseases such as hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, Vitamin D deficiency, or diabetic neuropathy, face considerable obstacles to fully understand the market conditions across different regions and countries. That comprehensive understanding, however, is required for successful product launches.

For true commercial success, simple knowledge of the high-level epidemiologic and practice pattern data is not enough. Rather, manufacturers face an urgent need to uncover the actual real-world data and key insights that can drive more accurate and reliable high level market potential estimates in a particular region and/or country.

Where Manufacturers Need Data

For any particular market, manufacturers need to understand the most critical determinants that drive commercialization strategies, such as:

  • Actual patient populations and their segmentation;
  • Effects of the stabilization of the prevalence rates for chronic kidney disease and renal failure on clinical practice patterns;
  • Prioritization of treatment by physicians and patients;
  • Effects of the fast-changing healthcare insurance regulations on treatment paradigms;
  • How these different pressure points combine to change the perception of treatment priorities between physicians and their patients.

Japanese Market Challenges

The cardiorenal market in Japan represents a lucrative yet challenging commercialization target for drug manufacturers. With more than 13 million patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD), and more than 300,000 patients experiencing end-stage renal disease (ESRD), there is a constant need for effective drugs to combat a variety of complications associated with these conditions.

In particular, a significant unmet need continues to exist for those suffering from hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia. Despite the plethora of new treatments introduced in Japan for the treatment of both hyperkalemia (Kalimate®, Kayexalate®, Argamate®) and hyperphosphatemia (Kiklin®, Riona®, P-Tol®), effective therapies remain elusive.

To take advantage of these medical needs in the Japanese cardiorenal landscape, drug manufacturers need to gain real insight into the complexities of the Japanese market conditions. However, the homogeneity of the populace, the changing dynamics of an aging patient population, and the complex relationships between hospitals, physicians and prescribers, and government reimbursement agencies that comprise the health care system are major obstacles toward a successful product launch or business venture partnership in Japan.

HK & HP PROfilers

For these clients, we proudly introduce our proprietary research and data reporting system, termed PROfiler, which we believe can provide the data needed to gain a deeper understanding of the market conditions in Japan.

PROfiler utilizes a bi-directional approach, comparing not just research data from ESRD patients and their healthcare providers, but also analyzing the data against real-world evidence to provide high-level market potential estimates. Our considerable knowledge and expertise of the cardiorenal space allows us to select participants offering relevant and accurate responses to questions critical to market dynamics. Standardized core questions are presented through novel, hybrid data collection tools that can uncover market trends and their underlying drivers.

Beyond the detailed information, charts, and graphs in our reports, we also offer pertinent analysis for a detailed understanding of the market space. Each PROfiler report contains data from a robust number of participants to ensure statistical relevance and real-world correlation.

We have successfully applied this proprietary PROfiler methodology to the US market and now are expanding to the Japanese market.

An initial project exploring the baseline characteristics of the Japanese market and determining its key strategic insights is underway.
For the Japanese market, our sample size consists of 90-100 clinicians and 120-150 ESRD patients.

For a limited time, we are offering new clients the opportunity to participate in the syndicated survey at considerable cost savings compared to a standard market research project.
We also offer the opportunity for clients to create customized questions to uncover market aspects and concerns unique to their commercialization strategies. These data will be available only to the respective client.

In summary, we believe that the PROfiler proprietary research for Japan will provide our clients with the strategic foundations to create actionable plans for the successful launch of new product in this highly competitive market.

Contact us if you want to know more about our syndicated research on hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia in Japan.

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