What’s in a Name? Market Research Profiling

The story of our Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler and Hyperkalemia PROfiler

Profile can mean a number of things – a social media profile, a shadow cast by something, a study on a gritty criminal offender. Traditionally, a profile can be defined as a summary or brief outline of the characteristics of a person, place, thing or event.

But more than likely, when you hear the word profile, you think about the fast-paced escapades and gritty adventures in your favorite crime-solving television series, where detectives and profilers are faced with a scene that offers up limited information about what happened.

Much like these detectives and profilers in forensic psychology, as market researchers we analyze the scene – the data we capture in our research studies – and then expertly put key bits and pieces together in a profile that tells an important and meaningful message to our clients.

That’s why we appropriated the word profile as the perfect name for the reports through which we convey the very specialized research data we generate in the cardio-renal healthcare landscape or more specifically, in the highly complex hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia markets.

What Our Clients Should Know

As it relates to the hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia markets, no one understands how to break up complex therapeutic processes into observable segments and generate meaningful insights from them better than we do. The studies we create and the data we obtain and analyze provide our clients with a better understanding of and more accurate details about hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia. That in turn allows for more refined and successful market forecasting.

We carry out our research in novel ways beginning with the fact that we approach and observe the complex interactions between patients and physicians and how those interactions affect patient/physician dynamics in new ways. We highlight novel correlations across study aspects, such as quality of life, prescribing patterns, and health insurance affiliation in order to provide broader analytical viewpoints. And we are taking a different perspective on the pitfalls and opportunities awaiting cardio-renal drug agents.

This novel approach to cardio-renal research merited a fresh new type of data reporting tool. So, in conjunction with www.healthanschauung.com, we have created the Hyperphosphatemia PROfiler and the Hyperkalemia PROfiler. This proprietary research and reporting system spotlights our unique understanding of the dynamics at work in rapidly evolving healthcare markets and allows us to obtain more precise market quantifications.

What Makes Our Approach Different?

We pursue more precise outcomes with a bi-directional, bottom-up and top down approach, comparing both patient and physician views from a real life experience perspective.

By fully understanding market dynamics, we carefully select our patient and healthcare provider study group and formulate the precise questions needed to gain insight. This core set of questions is presented through unique, hybrid data collection tools which uncover market drivers and the results are then compiled into a report which will be offered to multiple pharma and biotech clients who deal specifically with hyperphosphatemia and/ or hyperkalemia. Our clients are free to add customized questions to the core set while still gaining the benefits of a syndicated project since there is no cost for the setup of an exclusive study.

A Novel Process

Our PROfiler reports are generated from studies that are conducted bi-annually with ideally at least 150 HCPs and 200 CKD/ ESRD patients per tracking wave and country. They contain both robust data and expert insights along with practical guidance on how to use this information. Our reports not only provide research results – they also feature high level market projections and understandable explanations.

The design objectives for PROfiler reports:

  • Understand drivers of unmet needs from at least 2 perspectives (physician and patient).
  • Uncover and weigh patient segments that drive demand.
  • Uncover any level of connection between the key stakeholders.

In the PowerPoints containing our research data, we arrange the information by chapters and summarize each chapter to provide understanding of the insights presented and to guide the strategic action that should be taken as a result of the insights. Clients can also opt for additional deliverables including sub-target group analyses or specific cross-tabulation by provider or patient type.

Contact us if you want to know more about our hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia PROfilers.