Syndicated Research in the Cardiorenal Arena

In many industries, people rely on accurate market reports to make business decisions. From a pharmaceutical or biotech company looking to develop and commercialize new products, to financial analysts who need to refine their forecasts and evaluations, even marketing experts and life-science industry consultants. They all seek information and data to quantify and qualify their strategies. We asked ourselves how syndicated studies can play a role here, beyond simply delivering a chunk of results that are not truly to the point and fail to offer actionable market insights.

What Makes our Syndicated Research Truly Useful

All kinds of stakeholders in the cardiorenal arena – and especially the patient voice – need to become a more collaborative part of the research process. There is not always a clear rationale to our behavior and the choices we make. The ability to engage with and monitor a study group as they interact impulsively and emotionally rather than purely deliberately, results in much more accurate trend forecasts and, as researchers, allows us to better predict future possibilities.

Even more importantly – we further believe greater and greater emphasis will be placed on translating data into highly useful insights rather than on simply collecting data via reliable methodologies.

Each step of our methodology thus is designed to produce syndicated studies and reports that help understand and forecast the markets with greater precision.

  • Setting up studies knowing the right context to focus on.
  • Asking the right questions
  • Collecting AND analyzing data
  • Translating data into useful insights
  • Presenting results with clear take-aways

Hyperkalemia and Hyperphosphatemia PROfilers

Our studies currently focus on hyperphosphatemia, hyperkalemia, diabetic nephropathy, vitamin D insufficiency and biosimilars in the nephrology field.

  • Latest developments and treatment paradigms in the cardiorenal space
  • Economic and disease burden (from a ESRD patient AND care provider perspective)
  • Cardiologists and nephrologists’ treatment strategies (and their differences)
  • Current practices and likely evolution
  • Market dynamics

Our unique bi-directional research methodology together with the syndicated study design allows us to deliver new analytical perspectives for assets evaluation. Adding a layer of real world data on top of our approach allows us to predict high level market potentials at a level of depth and accuracy surpassing known marketing reports for these specific markets. No matter which country we research – the U.S.? Japan? G5? You name it.

Contact us if you want to know more about our hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia PROfilers.